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Lintu /’lɪntʊ/, a bird


Specialist language services for IT/tech and marketing


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To engage your customers and build long-lasting relationships, you need to create genuine, compelling content that resonates with your readers
This applies to technical communication, too

Marketing Language Services


Brochures, fliers
Slideshow presentations
Product catalogs
Company videos (subtitling)
Press releases
Conference programs
Training and e-learning
Website translation/localization
Blog translation
Newsletter campaigns
Social media content translation/localization

IT / Tech Translation and Localization

User Interfaces (UI)
Online help
Mobile apps
XML, HTML, and database files
Technical manuals and user guides
Hardware specifications and system requirements
Solution briefs, whitepapers, and datasheets
Technical training material
Software localization
Other tech marketing collateral

Joanna Borkowska

English / Polish Translation & Content Creation Specialist

A specialist translator and marketing professional with 10-year tenure in IT/tech

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A perfect mix of language skills, marketing knowledge, and IT/tech experience that will help you create meaningful content

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Mobile: +48 506 953 526 (I’m on WhatsApp!)
Skype: jm.borkowska